Voice, Work, Dirt, and Loyalty.

It's been almost two weeks since my last show. Whoof. It's been a haul. The amount of ass-busting over the last six weeks has been astounding, and I am proud to say I'm halfway down this path of summer goal-crushing and in that pile are some pretty serious financial hurdles. I'm in the process of slaying my past credit card debt. I mean. Like. Revolving debt that would make your mama's head spin. Debt that pretty much any financial website or blog warns against, Debt from a past life and person I don't even really know anymore. I am vanquishing that shit, that horrible monster of debt I've created. It feels like standing over a demon-ey dragon, with his head in your hand, and your foot neat

Sneak Peek!

These babes and a few surprises... in the Etsy Shop TODAY. Noon. Mountain Standard.

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