A Perennial Warrior

I did a series of work a few years ago, all pointy stone rings, commemorating the fierce battles we as women can sometimes find ourselves either waging, winning, or quite possibly, at a loss over. The nature of feminine strength has always captivated me, and in truth, is THE big reason I make jewelry. Warrior rings are a perfect nod to battles won, lost, and currently in flux. I believe we could all use a little armor. A little pointy mother to wage our wars, give us strength, and protect our tender little hearts. So here. I bring you an old idea, a fresh stone, and a little perennial love. A Perennial Warrior .............................. The seasonal pull of Montana's air is palpable. Bab

Update on this dusty bench!

I'VE SCHEDULED A SHOP UPDATE FOR SATURDAY OCTOBER 1. Mostly to fire this tired ass up and hold myself accountable. And for the deadline that always seems to help me finish what I've started! It seems my last shop update was, gulp, almost 3 months ago. It's been too long since I've had solid chunks of time to master some one-of-a-kind work. Their remnants and sketches and piles are everywhere on the bench. It's a freaking project GRAVEYARD in there! I've been cranking away, filling orders and stocking up galleries across the state, with a small line of production work I'm able to keep in-house and affordable. The reality though, as the fall progresses, is this: I've been barely able to keep u

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