Spring Sneak Peek: Turquoise, a whole bunch!

Sweat, Tears or the Sea: Spring Series Middle pic of 3: from left: Royston Brown and Green size 6.75-7, Aventurine Oval size 6-6.25, Hubei Turquoise Horizontal size 9.25-9.5 Bottom pic of 3: from left: Candelaria Turquoise size 7.25-7.5 Royston Ribbon Turquoise size 8-8.25 Hubei Turquoise Oval size 9.25-9.5 Variscite Round Ring, size 6-6.25 of the 'Sweat, Tears or the Sea' Series .......... 'The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea. - Karen Blixen. I might add a few other things, too, to that list of cures.... Hot coffee. Evening light on any body of water: Ocean, Lake, or River. Cold beer after a hard day of sweat and dirt and labor. A dock. Anywhere. And always, a good

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