Frequently Asked....


Where can I find me some R&S goodies?

Currently, I am stocking work in Montana only.  You can find a list of these fine establishments HERE.  I also have a list of shows I'll be attending HERE for the season.


I currently offer my One-of-a-Kind work in my Etsy shop first. I do frequent shop updates on a general monthly basis, and new work does seem to go quickly, so stop by to see the newest silver off the bench!  I update instagram and facebook regularly : )


I also consign work throughout the state of MT, so if you're looking for that special piece that slipped through your hands at a show or shop update online, there's a good chance a Montana gallery has it.  Contact me and I can most certainly point you in the right direction.



I offer a wholesale catalog for qualified buyers.  Please contact me for more information.


I saw something AWESOME once, but I think it already sold.  Can I have something made just for me?

I would love to consider your One-of-a-Kind request, but at this time I am not currently taking on any more custom work at the moment! 


There is a small chance that something you saw on Etsy was re-located to a local Gallery here in Montana.  If you were looking for something you saw there, please inquire and I can try to give you the exact home of the OOAK piece you were eyeing. My gallery represtentation will be happy to help!


I have a store and would love to see your work in it!
Awesome!  I do currently offer a small, select line of work that I can make to fill orders.  If you'd like to see my online catalog, click HERE.  You'll need a password to see the details and pricing, so CONTACT ME and I can get you all set up.  Thanks for your interest! 


What are your policies on returns/resizing/repair?



Returns are accepted and refunded fully for 2 reasons, no questions asked:

It was broken when it arrived.

It is not the item requested.


Due to the nature of handmade jewelry, returns based on color, tint, finish, etc. are not accepted. A lot of my work is meant to look rustic, rough, even well-worn. I use heavy patinas, heavily-hammer my silver, and set quality artisan-cut stones whenever I can.  Stone irregularity is not considered a flaw.


 Exceptions to all of this are made based on circumstances. 


I wholeheartedly stand by my work i.e. concept, construction, stone-setting, finishing, packaging and shipping of every item that leaves my studio.  It is an absolute pleasure to be a full-time metalsmith and I thank you for that.  I am a very hardworking artist with a friendly temperment....just ASK and I am sure we can work pretty much anything out : ) I don't bite. 



RIngs can be resized AT YOUR EXPENSE.  Resizing rings takes careful consideration, time, and sometimes complete re-construction, so please understand this is a $50 charge.  I am happy to help you with size BEFORE you make a purchase. 



Stuff breaks.  That's just part of life.  As a bench-jeweler, I have been trained to to do small repairs, i.e. re-set SOME stones, fix ring-warping, bending with wear, re-finish some work, and replace posts. I am happy to replace earring wires, lobster clasps, and other cold-connections, too.  If you think you have some broken old jewelry that could use new life, I may be able to help.


Work that I build, and is worn to the point of breaking, snapping, crushing, etc. is not returnable or refundable.  I am happy to help remedy the piece and possibly fix it, but please repairs take time and material, so I kindly request you understand these limitations are AT YOUR EXPENSE. 


What is Liver of Sulphur?

Liver of Sulphur is a naturally-occuring material that gives hot sulphur springs their "rotten-egg" smell, and also is a fabulous way to turn silver jewelry almost black.  I use this natural chemical as a patina to change the color of my jewelry, and I finish it with a wire brush.  This leaves my jewelry a very dark gunmetal-gray, and shows the raising and hammering of silver beautifully.


This patina is NOT permanent, and will wear to a shiny silver as time passes and you wear your jewelry.  I am happy to re-finish your piece with this darkened patina any time, just ask!

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