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Stack 'em up!

Had the hilarious pleasure of gathering my pack of women a few weeks ago

outside my studio and on the front lawn of my house.

Red wine, good beer, hot tea, and one newborn in tow.

Because that's how this pack rolls.

We chattered about our week,

our winter,

our travel plans,

our home projects.

We marveled at eachothers lives,

and not in jealousy,

but in admiration.

We basked in eachothers glory,

in eachother's successes.

We laughed at bad jokes,

life stuff that's just ridiculous,

and healed with laughter at the not-so-funny-stuff.

Gracious hand-models they all were.

Hilarious and gracious.

I don't think that's a coincidence, either.

Hilariousness and graciousness,

going (excuse the pun) HAND in HAND.

I value those qualities.

More than most.

I feel they are predispositions for good women.

Good people for that matter.

Because if you can laugh at yourself....

If you create laughter that creates more laughter....

well then, you are doing something right.

How gracious an act

and how glorious the feeling

to let life's weight be lifted,

even for just a moment,

in the company of good women

through a good laugh

and reason to be together.

I truly believe that gracious women are built,

brick by brick,

by other women.

In the company of yours,

I hope you give the gift of laughter

and graciousness

and respect.

And the favor is returned.

I hope you create light,

and I hope you treasure the light of others.

In honor of gracious and hilarious women.

That combination of heart and soul...

In honor of YOUR pack of light-bringers,

soul-swingers &

bad-ass mother-truckers.

Sterling Silver Stacking Rings

to give. to receive. to wear.

Split them up, save them for later,

collect a bunch, stack 'em up, and share the love.

Tokens of friendship, in sets of 6.

In the Etsy Shop.


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