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Harbinger of Joy, a Magpie Memento.

One for sorrow.

Two for Joy.

Or so the saying goes.

I consider this a pendant of the corvidae,

for the cause of misrepresentation,

and what face-value in this day has come to be.

Conclusions quickly jumped.


Wild speculation.

We seem to live in a world where knee-jerking and shock-value rule,

where it's easy to thread just a little truth into a wild web of storytelling

and first impressions are taken as immediate truth.

Where looking at what seems to be...

well it MUST BE!

This pendant serves a reminder of our loud and sometimes obnoxious,

though certainly misunderstood,

black-and-white bird of the not-so-black-and-white.

Magpies have a bad wrap.

There's no doubt about it.

The more I read,

foreboding and *bad omen* and bad luck seemed synonymous

with the lone Magpie.

Because if you mate for life,

and are found alone,

it can only be sorrow. yes.

That certainly can be true

for both us birds and humans.

But there's a bit of mystery with this particular bird too.

It's penchant for shiny things may just be an urban myth,

the carnivorous nature of this bird doesn't help it's image,

and it's smarts are often misconstrued.

Magpies are brilliant birds,

considering their pea-sized brains,

and, like a lot of genius-category humans,

are often shunned as outcasts.

Misunderstood brilliance.

Kleptomania regarded as cunning thievery,

not just playful curiousity.

So my intention here is this:

Face-value is not always what it seems,

facts are not always so,

and if you look a little closer,

take a deep breath and center your feet on the ground under you,

you're sure to find more.

Because not all is what it seems.

There's more to the story.

There's more to tell.


there's a whole lot we don't understand.

And a whole lot to learn.

It's the approach that matters.

I hope you find much more than face value,

and your attitude breeds acceptance and peace,

not the opposite.

I hope you breathe and stop to think before you spit fire and judgement,

before you curl your tongue and stiffen your speech and turn your nose.

I hope you believe there MUST be more than meets the eye.

I hope you greet things you don't understand with a fair hand.

I hope you find something much more solid and strong than surface.

I believe we are all capable of this.

I believe misunderstandings are easily fixed and forgotten.

And I believe we are ALL harbingers of Joy.


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