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Intentions and MTO's coming up

Back in the studio this week!

So excited to FINALLY get a week of work in after such a long time away from my bench.

I've been stamping away in the studio over the last two weeks,

and have put some of my favorite words into silver.

Such a grounding task,

and pretty damn fun!



seems to resonate well.

See this post for more details on these words.

(p.s. That ring will also be in the shop update, in a size 8. Ready to ship.)

and also


(p.p.s. That ring will be in the shop update too, in a size 7. Ready to ship.)

I've been in a funny mood lately,

lighthearted and playful,

often giggling at the ridiculousness.

Often giggling because,


studio life IS FUN.

I am most definitely relishing working in my studio

as it's fresh in my mind (and my elbow)

the pains of creative stagnancy.

Being laid up and out of the swing of things,

I've found that stamping words into silver

has given me both roots to grow from,

and a centered approach to a new year of studio work.

Often times, the pressure of a new year,

and the hustle of christmas,

and the burnout,

it can sometimes be hard to get back into a groove

when it comes to making and finding that center again.

Plus, it's gorgeous here in NW Montana,

and the snow is calling.

Alas, I am not allowed complete winter freedom,

and will not be allowed to snowboard or ski until my elbow regains 100% of it's original range of motion.

I'm still doing physical therapy twice a week,

and still can't put my own hair in a ponytail,

but the elbow gets better.

Every week is different.

I've been able to do 3-4 hour stints at the bench,

and the hours seem to just fly by.

I really truly have missed it so much.

I think stamping words into silver is such a centering task,

every word and hammer blow makes each sentiment

that much more powerful.

It's like meditating in hammer strokes and the alphabet.

It's a great way for me to re-center into my own work habits,

regain some fluidity to a day of work,

and grow out of some bad habits of January.

Since I've been away, I feel rejuvenated,

both in my studio work, and home life too.

I feel like this is a fresh start to a great new year.

I feel like 2016 is going to kick some serious ass.

I hope you will take a moment,

and find YOUR words for 2016.

Take a moment to find the words to your change, your intention,

or possibly the words to fulfill that breaking of YOUR bad habit.

Maybe it's a power mantra that makes you tick,

or gets you a good giggle,

or make you want to move mountains.

Whatever 2016 is for you,

and whatever intentions you have for our new year.

Let's commemorate your words in a spinner ring!

I'll be offering up Made-to-Order Spinner Rings in Friday's Etsy Shop Update,

plus some other light-hearted goodies,

mostly sassy beaded necklaces,

both bold in color and sentiment,

and the two spinners seen here.

So, this is how it'll work...

A maximum of 45 characters will fit on the center ring,

and spins freely from the rest of the piece.

This INCLUDES spaces between words,


and the ampersand & will count as ONE character.

The word count makes it a bit tricky,

but not totally impossible.

Holler if you have any questions about what words may or may not work for this project.

Is it Nietzche that toots your horn?



Lyrics to your favorite U2 song?

or just a great bumper sticker you once saw?

As long as your words are within the 45 character window,

it's fair game.

I'll be excited to see what words are dear to you all.

I'd love to stamp some shit into silver for you,

for YOUR year of 2016.


XO Erin

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