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Adornment Gallery Show!

I've been creating a body of work for a gallery show!

4 Ravens Gallery, in Missoula, MT, produces an invitational Art Jewelry exhibition entitled 'Adornment'. This will be their fourth year in producing a collaborative gallery showcase for regional metalsmiths. I am so excited to be part!

I've entitled this 6-piece body of work 'Tempest', for the moody and flashy stones that create their own light, either in their shine or faceted cut or material. Entirely Pietersite and Labradorite stones, these pieces also include an especially bright flash of 23K Keum Boo gold foil. The Labradorite is especially flashy, and the two larger necklace pieces I submitted are some of my most challenging and large work yet!

'Adornment' will be up for the month of February, with a gallery opening reception on Friday the 5th, in conjunction with Missoula's longstanding First Fridays Art Walk.

I'll be there, and hope you will too. I'll be gawking at the other delicious work of local and regional artists in the Bitterroot valley!

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