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March Steelhead Madness and a Giveaway!

Ooooh the delicious days of March, where snow flurries and sunshine dance around like little kids at recess! I feel so playful as of late, and feel like that may have something to do with the change of seasons here in NW Montana. The ditches around the roads are greening up, the smell of burning leaves are in the air, and our days are inching towards daylight at nearly 7:30 PM! YAYA! That must mean SPRING IS HERE!

After the much awaited VERNAL EQUINOX here in the Flathead Valley, I'm pumped to be heading to Idaho for a much-needed fix on some river, with good friends and hopefully more of that delicious sunshine we've been tasting. It's STEELHEADIN' SEASON here in the interior West and we all couldn't be more excited about it if we tried!

I'd like to celebrate this fated fish, and the spring that teases us all, with a GIVEAWAY!

As the beaded wrap bracelets have really been flying off during my recent Etsy updates, I thought it nice to give one away in hopes those of us with less-quick digits during shop-blitzes would have an opportunity to snag one up! I'm so excited ya'll love them so much, and I can't wait to catch you a REAL one. For reals.

Here's how it works:

Please enter a comment here below, including your most favorite parts of spring. I know mine has to do with fish. And rivers. And green stuff. And the smell of unthawing gardens. And the first time we launch our 16' Cataraft into just-barely-melted snow water.

This entry doesn't have to be an essay, but I love that you're here and excited about spring too!

That's it. Simple eh? I'll draw a name out of a hat here Friday April 1. Check out Instagram for updates if ya' like.

Much love to you all, and HAPPY MARCH STEELHEAD MADNESS!

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