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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

It has been an absolute pleasure to be here, indulging in fishy things this past month, and I just want to say Thank You. This design has been literally *off the hook* since I started making them back last April after falling in love with Idaho's rivers and badass Steelhead run. The story of these fish is just irresistible. I'm so happy you think the wraps are too!

​As with chaos, and the nature of remodels, I am sprawled out to my gills. The house keeps plodding along at a decent pace, with drywall finished, paint down and floors on the way, I hope we can make our move-in date by the end of April. FINGERS CROSSED.

Sooooo I'm taking the month of April to smooth over some life-bumps, catch up in my studio on dusty promises, help install our flooring and cabinets, plant our garden, gear up for my wholesale accounts for summer, and do a little traveling and fishing.

We leave for Idaho next week, and I really really really hope to catch me a REAL fish. One of the Steelhead variety. A big ol' fatty.

​Without further adieu, ROBERTA MALKIEWICZ is our lucky lady. Thanks to all who left sweet words on spring for the March Steelhead Madness Giveaway. They brightened my days here at the shire, when mixing drywall mud and loading the truck with trips to the dump were not exactly filling my well of creativity this week.


Onto spring.

With a BANG.


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