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Four Fish!

Summer is here in the Flathead.

Whoa baby is it.

Tourism is at it's peak and in order to park downtown,

one....well.....just doesn't. Not until September at least.

I've ridden my bike to the post office once a day this week,

sometimes twice a day.

Galleries are clamoring for work,

my wholesale line is flying off the shelves everywhere,


I'm about to embark on the second of three shows this summer.

and dang it if I just can't. sit. still. and. focus.

It's been hard to get motivated this time of year.

July is ridiculous in Montana.

The huckleberries won't pick themselves,

the boat won't row itself.

The mountains need hiking.

The beer needs drinking.

The fish need catching. Or at least casting to.

And so I find myself,

sitting on a riverbank.

Watching the sun change position in the sky,

shadows moving through the take-out on the banks,

and I squint to watch a red raft float by.

Recreation, baby. It's what living here is all about.

Better get it while you can.


Four Fishy bangles.

All flush with Montana Love.

Hefty bangles, each with their own sterling silver Trout.

Montana Agate and Sapphire.

Plenty of tiny nestled turquoise stones.

So much big love for our BIG SKY.


I give you, today, a tiny shop update. 4PM MST.

It's really all I can muster at the moment, until summer chaos slows

and I can actually stop ditching work for the river!

Etsy Shop link HERE.

See you then!

xo Erin.

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