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Dusting off and Digging In, and a shop sneak peek!

For every year, January seems to be a built in reset button. For us all.

It seems it's hit me extra hard this year.

We started 2017 with the cliche dieting and exercise, the lamenting of our coffees in the morning now replaced with something made with barley and zero caffeine. (And if any of you know me well, that's a BIG deal. My world revolves around the caffeinated black stuff.)

We started the year slow, and I'd like to the blame our sub-zero weather here in Western Montana.

But, really, it's something more than that.

I feel a need to slow.

To dust it off.

To clean it up.

To carry some responsibility with myself.

Call it growing up,

or the pains of knowing some parts of yourself you didn't before,

but 2016 was a doozey. For everyone.

It came in as a fury and left in one too.

Many beautiful and life-changing things...

(Jesse and I are getting married this coming summer!)

And some sad life-dusting too.

Tidying up the world of Erin.

Scrubbing out some old junk.

Cleaning that which need cleaned.

Letting go of things that serve me no more.

One thing that is January,

it's that ever-perpetual need to be a better version than the one before.

And it's gonna be better this time than ever before.

Because you can't rise without the fall.

You can't know your bones without breaking a few.

You really can't know anything of strength unless you've climbed out of weakness.

These dips down are only sure to swell back up top.

And we only grow from the things we take time to know.

So we claw, friends.

We claw into a new year.

We crave a new start to whatever was bothering us behind,

and scratch our way into 2017.

Let's get up.

Get out.

And be better.

January said so.

All of these pieces were of 2016.

Pieces I'd either left in my sweeps drawer for another day,

parts I'd left un-soldered,



And so with a good ol' studio clean,

some serious inventory checking,

and a few good (COLD!) days in the Bungalito,

I've rustled up the last of what I meant to say in 2016.

I've knealt at our cranking wood stove in sunny sub-zeros outside,

both in thanks and just because it's the part of our house with the best light!

This work:

All deep winter colors reflecting the cold-ass winter we've been having here in Montana.

The Blues and Grays of Montana's Winter light.

Some old designs of my favorite kind,

and a few new.



#shopupdate #intention #newwork

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