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March Birdsong, and other late winter goodbyes

About mid-march, Montana wakes up from her icy slumber. This year, from under a blanket of record-breaking snow and colder-than-usual temperatures. The birds are back, the dirt is starting to show, and the skiing is still pretty darn good. Rain pitter-patters through the days now, and will until it's near May, as we are really more Northwest here in our tucked-in corner of MT than not.

I'll say this about the season. And I don't mean to sound sullen. It's been a very long winter. Trying at times, with just enough cold to wish for a 2 week vacation to pretty much anywhere with sun. The mid-winter gray got to me this year, more than it usually does, and it ended up percolating through my work in the studio. Most of these pieces, their bezels and components and concentrations, have been sitting on the bench for a cumulative 6 weeks, and this is the first shop update where I feel my work really has been given enough time to breathe some March air. I needed the break in gray to bring you some birds, and some blues.

Not to say life has been dull! Over the last 6 weeks, I've greeted TWO new babes into our lives. A nephew named after his swedish grandfather and a puppy named after how rude it is to show up the same day the baby did. I've held and kissed on so many new babies too, ages newborn on up to 2.5, within my inner circle of women friends. I've skied so much this winter, and have caught some of my life's most amazing powder days yet. I bought new cross-country skis and they permanently live in my car, just in case the opportunity presents itself. I have baked many new pinterest-inspired baked goods and have served many meals to struggling new mommies and daddies. I made almost 60 sets of stack rings for you, kind folks, to celebrate friendship in February. I've made a dear friend and cancer-fighting woman warrior the most powerful warrior ring, and she made me bawl for life's unfairness at times, only to comfort me in the strength and sobriety of life's circle, and the art it inspires. It's been a full full full winter of care and love and snow and living in one of the most special places in the country. And for that I am so very grateful.

So this collection. A cumulation. A circumventing of winter blues to March's cheerier birds that have not stopped singing since early last week. A birdsong for springtime. A turning of our long winter to something warmer. A fresh start in the studio and a fresh perspective.

XO Erin

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