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Destash: the power of a blank page and a list of 5.

Dear friends!

It's a new moon in Virgo, and like any good Virgo would do, I am sorting, cleaning and organizing my little fanny off! I've become acutely aware of the mess my studio over the past 6 months has become, how un-ergonomic my workspace has evolved to be over the past 8 years, and how much I realllllly need to change up the current status of studio living! I'm hoping to build myself some new benches, give myself some fresh paint and an updated floor-plan. I'm also desperately trying to fit this all in just in time for a busy winter season ahead. To say FRESH PAGE is an understatement!

In doing all this shuffling and dusting and scheming and dreaming, a little inner reflection:

1) Sifting through stones and unused bits of projects lately have given me peace and direction. I feel a weird and addictive high when I can whisk away things that no longer serve me. Recently, these things include: more than one cup of coffee, clothes I haven't worn in one year, old and weird and dusty dried things in my pantry from 2011, stones that no longer tickle my creative bones, and the notion that self-care is somehow selfish.

2) My body is mad. My eyes are tired. My back and neck cannot sustain benchwork without self-care. I don't want to be a crippled, hunched-over jeweler's body, and NOW is the time to start actively taking steps back to where I know I can be. Ergonomic workspace, here I come!

2.a) I have recently re-discovered Pilates at a local gym and am totally loving it.

3) I've devised a DESTASH SHOP UPDATE, happening Monday morning at 11am MST, 9/25, in order to re-invigorate my space and collection of inspirational stones. I'm so so so happy to pass on some of my stones and silver bits to a different home, hopefully inspiring you in some way on your bench or in your own studio. THIS SHOP UPDATE IS INTENDED FOR FELLOW METALSMITHS. These include cabochon-style stones for setting in silverwork and some vintage leaf and feather casted components in silver. I'll be listing everything at once, much like a OOAK shop update. First come, first served baby!

3a) I am no lapidary expert. I am offering liquidation prices with a 100% money back guarantee and every ounce of my honesty. I've tried to give exact dimensions of stones and accurate descriptions, but if you are still not stoked on your purchase, I'm happy to take any returns. Postage not included in your refund.

4) For the future of my business and my creative well: I will no longer be offering custom work. I know I've said this in my head a thousand times, but actually to bring it out loud and clear has been another thing. I do love to build heirloom jewelry for you, but at this time, my creative energy in the studio has been over-run with too many 'yes's' and not enough 'no's'. For many of you who do not know or are new to Rag and Stone, I run a wholesale business line of jewelry that, quite frankly, keeps me very busy. I just took note of the now NINE Stockists who carry R&S as of this month. Whuf! That's a LOT of jewelry.

The time I DO have to create one-of-a-kind work is very special to me, and I have decided that custom work is no longer my priority. Thanks for your understanding, as I try, like all of us, to create boundary and discipline of craft.

5) In order to start, just fucking start.

XO Erin


A proper preview, listed MONDAY 9/25 11am MST on Etsy:

(many of these are Merlin's stones!)

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