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Swinging Seasons.

Fall is here in this Northwest corner of MT!


There's no denying that I love fall the most.

It's palpable.

The change.

It's like the fanfare of summer all drawn out into a color parade.

It's the smell.

All that COLOR.

And something else...

I built these earrings in the heat of breaking down summer life.

Garden put to bed.

Bulbs planted.

Things packed away from wedding parties.

Thank you's written.

Low 60's turned to low 40's.

Frosty mornings turned to evening red wines.

(Malbecs currently on the favorites list!)

Bubbly club sodas in the fridge shifted to hot tea and baked apple things.

We started cooking more.

And walking more.

And taking care.

Admittedly, it's been a wild fall.

I've filled more wholesale orders and done more custom work

in one month than I did all summer long.

(And I'll show you the work done...for another blog post)

I've also, admittedly, been in and out of chiropractors,

physical therapists, and good-old-fashioned hot showers.

I'm battling old injuries,

and apparently some body abuse done while being humped over a workbench.

It's a reaaaal bitch when you realize your current pace

is unsustainable.

Like, crippled-old-man-walks-like-the-letter-'C' unsustainable.

And lastly, fall for me, as much as I love it,

seems to be a time of unforeseen inner transition.

It's something inside me swinging from spring to fall,

and by the time it's pendulum turns back to swing,

I'm almost aghast at it's predictability.

It must be the slowing of pace.

Or the dusting off.

Or maybe it's just astrology.

(Damn you, retrogrades!)

I repeat offenses.

I cuss the outcomes.

I re-evaluate,

and hopefully root.




I don't think it's just me either.

Fall seems to be a time of reflection.

A time to check your feet-on-the-ground

and bring your head on out of the clouds.

I've been reading more.

Sketching more.

Walking almost every day.

I've been trying to slow it up and take notes.

What's your way to bring that season home,

spiritually speaking?

What's your rooted self look like?

What's all that inner chatter about, anyway?

Fall makes me work.

And dig. And do all that inner dirty work.

This is the time of year when it seems things either fall apart,

or fall closer together.

It's that swinging season, hunny.


I wanted to make you a bunch of cool stuff.

I had grande plans.

And I may just get to them yet.

I ordered new tools and am DYING to get them dialed.

I made a list of the studio skills I'm ready to revisit

and hung them on the wall just above my bench.

I made a list of these skills not just to remind me of the things I know,

but also all the things I need to try.

A little visualization,

and a good reminder that I am not stuck.

Not as an artist OR as a me.

But for now,

for sake of sanity and a work schedule that doesn't make me want to scream,

and for all the unfinished very cool things I have on my bench still...

I'm listing these earrings in Etsy-land.

Tomorrow morning.


Thank you for being here.

XO Erin

#swingingseasons #autumn #fall

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