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Spring Sneak Peek: Turquoise, a whole bunch!

Sweat, Tears or the Sea: Spring Series

Middle pic of 3: from left:

Royston Brown and Green size 6.75-7,

Aventurine Oval size 6-6.25,

Hubei Turquoise Horizontal size 9.25-9.5

Bottom pic of 3: from left:

Candelaria Turquoise size 7.25-7.5

Royston Ribbon Turquoise size 8-8.25

Hubei Turquoise Oval size 9.25-9.5

Variscite Round Ring, size 6-6.25

of the 'Sweat, Tears or the Sea' Series


'The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea. - Karen Blixen.

I might add a few other things, too, to that list of cures....

Hot coffee.

Evening light on any body of water:

Ocean, Lake, or River.

Cold beer after a hard day of sweat and dirt and labor.

A dock. Anywhere.

And always, a good everyday ring.

One with heft and weight.

But light as a feather on the finger.

One with staying power.

One that just 'gets' you.

One in the tones of lakes and oceans and rivers.

Just in case you can't get there in person.



A ring for you, Mama. A big ol' strong ass ring. An Ode to the Mama-Jama. A series of big ring badassery. This series illuminated by the beauty of deep blue oceans and raging creeks of springtime mountains. Dive deep, sister. Fill up that bottomless well. It's a Big Pool out there.

From Left:

Glacier Blue Chinese Turquoise, size 6.75

Green and Brown Speckles Chinese Turquoise, size 8

Dark Blue Oval Chinese Turquoise, size 9.75

Greenish Teal and Black Chinese Turquoise, size 9.25

Mud Season Fatty Stacks!

From Left: Chinese turquoise size 7.5

Chrysocolla size 8

Chinese turquoise size 10.75

Royston Turquoise size 7.5

It's funny to feel the long winter of Montana fade. Sometimes, it's downright liberating. I love me some winter, I do. But I love dirt more. And I've learned: You can't wait for beautiful days. You can't wait for snow to melt and things to grow. They always do. TO the mud-season, friends: That fickle sun, that sneaky snow, and all the 60 degrees sneaker days in between!



9am MST.

See you there!

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