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A good ol' fashioned preview...

NEW WORK comin' atcha! Saturday Morning, Feb. 8th, 9am MST.


Winter blooms in honor of the Amaryllis I never thought would bloom.

'Tough and Tender' BIG rings with BOLD lines.

A cuff I can't believe took me ten years of gumption to make.

Owyhee Jasper in the patterns of their coniferous-ness.

And a big ass pink stone necklace adorned with big ass petals.


Thanks for your patience this winter, as I've been in a fierce hibernation.

New work has been to a near-screeching-halt.

Until now.

All orders placed before Tuesday the 11th will ship out next week,

in time for Valentine's day!

BLOOM ring in Pink Opal, size 8.25

Owyhee Jasper Necklace with Larch, on 22" chain and 14K gold fill accent.

Emerald Valley Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Egyptian Turquoise ring, Size 6.5

'Tough and Tender' series, Rare Skaggs Oregon Jasper Oval Ring, size 8.75

'Tough and Tender' Series, from left:

Dry Creek Turquoise square size 7.75, Crazy Lace Agate size 10, Skaggs Jasper size 8.75, Willow Creek Jasper size 7.75.

Dry Creek Turquoise Ring, part of the 'Tough and Tender' series for winter.

BLOOM rings, from left:

Rhodochrosite size 8.5, Pink Opal size 8.25, Mother of Pearl size 7.5

Winter BLOOM necklace with Spanish Point Agate, 14k gold fill components.


All will be listed on Etsy February 8th at 9am MST. Grab some coffee and join me!


Also, If you were wondering,

Rudy was suuuuper helpful.

Reallll excited about the photoshoot in the mudroom ; 0 )


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