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Springtime Terra Firma

Springtime is here in NW Montana,

and I'm bound and determined to plant every seed,

transplant every seedling,

and dirt up every flower pot I own.

I've got radishes, peas, and spinach in the garden.

I'm hoping to start all my own squashes soon too.

Strawberries have been thinned,

garden paths are being re-worked,

and I have ONE bag of compost left for mixing into my crappy old potato bed.

It's a race to find as much time in a day as possible!

I'll be dropping all of this new work in the shop tomorrow morning, THURSDAY April 29th at 10am.

Over hot coffee, muddy paws, and dirty fingernails.

And then, to the garden I head.

There truly is nothing better than dirt after a long northwest Montana winter.

See you at 10 am Sharp!

XO Erin

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