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Terra Firma Rings, built to size, A PRE-VIEW

From Spring 2020, Terra Firma Ring in Crazy Lace Agate and Blue Ridge Turquoise, SOLD


I like making big rings.

They feel powerful,

as if they transferred their beef and strength directly

from finger to spirit.

New age Armor.

I had made some rings this spring entitled ‘Terra Firma’.

The Latin translates directly as ‘Firm Ground’.

A nod to the solid earth below us, the limitless sky above us, and the balance of both.

I’ll be offering up SEVEN individual listings, with big mama stones I’ve chosen to poetically represent the dichotomy of BIG earth and BLUE sky. All listings are here, as they'll be offered, laid-to-be as they would be worn. These rings will be made for you in your size, and will be embellished with the leaf-and-seed motif I’ve been absolutely in love with lately. They’re not exactly custom, but there’s room for a little wiggle. If you have been eyeing my rings and have yet to watch me build a size just for your teeny hands, or your hard-workin’ mama knuckles, this is the perfect opportunity to snag the right one for you. I've always been very hesitant about custom work, but felt it was right to offer such powerful pieces to you in a way you could request size and stone. Leave the rest up to me, and we will make magic!

For you: A PREVIEW of the SEVEN stone pairings, available on Friday, 9am MST!



From left: Pietersite and Blue Ridge Turquoise, $315

Crazy Lace Agate and Blue Ridge Turquoise, $288

Fossilized Dino bone and Kazakistan Lavender Turquoise, $375

Fossilized Dino bone and Blue Ridge Turquoise, $325

From left: Montana Agate and Chinese Turquoise, $288

Pietersite and Kazakistan Lavender Turquoise, $315

Mookaite and Chinese Turquoise, $288

I am so so so excited to build you a TERRA FIRMA ring! Let's build something amazing.

Available as listed, Friday morning 9am MST via Etsy.

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